Tips on lowering the cost on stump grinding!

Best way to lower the cost on stump grinding services is before getting estimates remove anything blocking total access for a large stump grinder to gain access to a stump and grind it.  Things to look for is rocks, metal gravel, concrete anything other than the stump and dirt and some grass should be moved.  These objects can cause damage to the stump grinding wheel / teeth and other objects around so its best to removal anything other than the tree stump.

This will greatly reduce the cost to having a stump grinder move them or worry about the damage these items can cause.

this video shows an average size of most stump grinders, so before calling its best to clear a path for a machine to access it.

today i went and did a stump out in Virginia beach for another tree company took all of 15 mins a very tiny stump but i do have special upgrades to this stump grinder and take alot better care of mine vs a rental place, but after completing that job received another lead estimate.

i had to give an estimate and gave the best price i could possibly do really wanted to pickup on the work but this tree stump was going to be very hard to access it and it was covered in rocks and cement and the tree roots covered the yard , i was talking the entire yard and the main reason he called because the roots got so bad that the neighbors garage cement slab it was on was damaged due to this tree and the garage was then torn down due to the damages.  Main thing is if it is hard to reach and covered in rocks no stump grinding company will touch it or they will have to charge more.

Nobody works for free , but this will lower the costs of all the quotes you get.

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fits through 36 inch gates.

Grinding Tree Stumps


Grinding Tree Stumps

All sorts of different kinds of people have hired companies that specialize in grinding tree stumps. Landlords that need to make their properties look nicer. Homeowners who want to increase the value of their homes. And average Joes who just want the ugly thing gone.

Grinding tree stumps is one of the best ways to remove tree stumps from your yard.

If you have a tree stump that needs grinding, you basically have three options: hiring a company, renting a machine, or buying a machine. We’re going to focus on hiring a company here, because, for most people, it is the easiest and fastest way to remove a tree stump.

There are a ton of companies that specialize in grinding tree stumps, but some are better than others. If you need to have a tree stump removed, then the below list is going to be your best friend when finding a company that is right for you.

When contacting a company about grinding tree stumps it is essential to ask them these five questions:

- Does the estimate include the transportation of equipment?
- Do they charge per stump or by hour? What if there are complications with removal?
- Do they take the pieces off of your property or do you have to do that yourself?
- Are they going to charge you more if you need them to come on a weekend or afterhours?
- Do they offer discounts if more than one stump needs to be removed at the same site?

If you ask these questions to the company that you are looking at for grinding tree stumps, then you’ll be in the clear. Many small companies are all too likely to try to sneak hidden fees in and it is best for you to avoid this.

You do have to take it to heart that this is their job and livelihood though. It is not unreasonable for a company that grinds tree stumps to charge a small additional fee for hauling away debris. Labor and transportation does cost money, you know.

Your best bet for avoiding situations that you don’t want to be in is to ask these questions and ask any other questions that you have…and then ask more questions. It’s your money and you deserve to know exactly how it is going to be spent.
Grinding Tree Stumps

Remove Stumps From Your Yard

Remove Stumps From Your Yard

Do you need to remove a stump from your yard? If you do, then there are several things that you need to consider.

You could probably remove a stump from your yard by yourself, but it might be smarter to hire a company that specializes in removing stumps. These companies will remove stumps quicker and more safely than you ever could. In addition, the job that they can do in a few hours would likely take you a full day (or two)!

If you are saying “no, no, I want to do it myself,” then you deserve applause. You’re an ambitious person, my friend. I’ll say it one more time just to make sure that you are positive – having a company remove stumps from your yard is cheaper, safer, and more time effective than doing it yourself.

Still want to give it a try? Okay, then.

The first thing that you need to do is measure your stump. You can find a great diagram that shows you how here .

Now that you know how big your stump is, you can head down to your home improvement store. They should have a variety of different stump grinders for rent. It’s your job to pick the best one to remove stumps from your yard. If your stump is small, then a smaller machine will be just fine. Don’t waste the money on a huge fancy one, unless you have a pretty big stump to remove.

The employees at the rental store will probably have some pretty good advice on which stump grinder to choose. Listen to this advice!

Make sure that they give you a thorough run through of the machine before you leave the store. You don’t want to get home and not know how to use your grinder to remove stumps. This isn’t a small saw that we’re talking about here…this is a big-time machine. It could just as easily remove you if you use it wrong. Don’t tinker around with it. If there is something that you are unsure of, then call up your shop rather than figure it out yourself.

We’ve been talking about removing single stumps here as well. Most of the time, if you only have one stump to remove, it will be a lot easier to have a stump removal company come in and grind it out. Chances are it will cost less too.

Unless you have multiple stumps to remove (five or more) or your neighbors would like their stumps removed too, it is best to have a company help you out.

You can remove stumps by yourself, but it is usually better to hire a company to come in. We’ve said it a quite a few times, but we really want to pound it into you. Stump removal is not as easy as it looks.

Remove Stumps From Your Yard

Root Removal – A Big Step to a More Beautiful Yard

Root Removal – A Big Step to a More Beautiful Yard

It doesn’t matter if you live in a gigantic house in the suburbs or a little old cottage way out in nowhere, having a tangle of old roots or an ugly stump in your yard makes it a less appealing place. This is where root removal comes in – the only way to get rid of roots and create a space that you are happy to call your yard.

Root removal is the act of removing roots of old trees from your yard. These trees could be long gone (cut down years ago) or freshly removed. Either way, having their roots taken away is essential in completing the process of the trees removal.

Sometimes, root removal can be tricky. For one thing, roots grow underground so you actually have to get underground to have them completely removed. This is one reason why many people choose to have a company help with root removal rather than try to do it themselves.

These companies offer a quick and handy service and do the best possible job because, you know, root removal is what they do and they have done it a thousand times.

If you need a part of an old tree removed from your yard, then you would be wise to contact a root removal company. It’s not the safest task to take on by yourself. If you try to remove roots from the ground without the proper tools, you could end up getting seriously injured. Nobody wants that!

Most root removal companies offer free quotes. If you tell them approximately how big the roots you need removed are, they can usually give you a pretty accurate estimate of how much the whole process is going to cost. Of course, there is the chance for additional fees. If conditions require that it be a time-consuming job, you can only expect that it will cost a little bit more.

Root removal is a service that many people are in need of. If you are one of them, then you are encouraged to try out a root removal company. You’re almost guaranteed to love the ease in which they return your yard to the clean and pretty place that it used to be!

Root Removal

Best Methods for removing tree stumps

Best method for quickly removing a tree stump i personally think a stump grinder. It beats waiting on chemical magic.

I personally like the SC232 after upgrading the cutters to a high performance cutting system.

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